Friday, January 30, 2009

TRANSLATION OF دعاء الرابطة

دعاء الرابطة - Translation in English

“Oo Allah!

U know that these hearts

have come together for the sake of Your love,

have met for the sake of Your obedience,

have united for the sake of Your worship,

and have pledged for the triumph of Your law..

Oo Allah!

make firm the relation between us,

eternalize the love between us,

guide us in our ways,

fill us with Your light that does noy fade,

comfort our chest with the overflowing abundance of faith in You, and the beautification of complete dependence upon You,

give life to us with the knowledge of Yours,

and..take our life with the martyrdom in Your path..

verily You are the Benefactor and Protector”

~ ameen ~

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